Dear Parents on Autopilot

At some point, some, if not all of us, might find ourselves in a state of autopilot–absentmindedly running through those many functions we know we must complete to avoid certain chaos, but “barely there.” The cost of lingering in that state for too long is greater than one might think. When we live on autopilot, we are unknowingly missing out on those precious, ever-fleeting opportunities to embrace the essence of this very moment with our children.

Dear Moms, There is an end…I promise.

As parents, we all wrestle with feeling as though there is not an end to the demands we face every day while caring for our children and our home. It can become overwhelming and discouraging as we work tirelessly, only to have the dishes pile up, the toys strewn across the floor once more, and all within less than 24 hours. We ask ourselves, “when does it end?” I promise there is an end, but more vanishes in that moment than we realize.

Postpartum Body Image

Something that I have struggled with and have heard other mommas echo, is that our self-esteem postpartum is lower than before we became pregnant. The sad reality can be, while we were comparing ourselves to others before, we look at our postpartum bodies now and we are comparing ourselves to an earlier version.